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Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences

Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences... At WILLCARE, that's what we do best!  We strive to provide exceptional customer service for all our customers, including patients, their families, physicians, vendors, referral sources, and co-workers.  We view every interaction as a chance to leave our customers with positive experiences that they will never forget. 

Our BLUE program (short for Building Lasting Unforgettable Experiences of course!) recognizes those WILLCARE team members who've gone above and beyond to provide fantastic customer service.   Once a month, the WILLCARE employees that best embody the spirit of BLUE are selected to be our BLUE Stars.  Learn more about our June 2014 winners below.

Nominate A BLUE Star

Sue Haight

Pleasant Valley, NY Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

WILLCARE would like to recognize Sue Haight, our new recruiter in our Pleasant Valley branch. Recruitment has been a struggle in Dutchess County for a long time, as we had not had a real physical presence in the area until Bermac joined the WILLCARE family.  Sue took on the recruitment position less than three months ago, and in that time, she not only excelled in learning the ropes of her new job quickly, but she is successfully bringing on new, quality staff to care for our patients.  She has an extraordinary passion for homecare and understands how important her role is in hiring aides to keep our patients safe in their homes.  She does all of this with the most upbeat and positive attitude and a determination to continue to succeed.  Furthermore, she is always willing to lend a helping hand when her coworkers need assistance.  She has been a great addition to our team.  Thank you, Sue, for all that you do! Selected 6/2014

Abbey Smith

Billing Coordinator
Buffalo, NY Corporate Office

Why She Was Nominated:

Our Ohio branch started a huge transition on May 1, 2014 due to MyCare Ohio (all dual-eligible patients had to enroll in a private insurance to cover their Medicaid and/or Medicare services).  After all was said and done, there were roughly 400 changes in payors that need to be completed.  Not only did Abbey talk the staff in Ohio through a new change in the payor process, but she also completed 2 of the 5 steps needed to change the payor of these 400 patients.  On top of that, she worked 3 hours on a Saturday to get this project completed.  Due to Abbey's support, assistance and initiative, this workload now looks a little more manageable.  Thanks, Abbey, for your hard work and dedication!  Selected 6/2014

Kristi Walh

Physical Therapist
Buffalo, NY Certified Branch

Why She Was Nominated:

Kristi is an outstanding therapist as well as a kindhearted person.  When one of her patients’ aides wasn't available, Kristi did not hesitate to assist with the patient’s shower.  This not only helped the patient but it helped to relieve the stress on his wife who was also dealing with significant health issues of her own.  Additionally, when Kristi was treating this patient, the phone continued to ring.  Kristi answered the phone knowing the patient’s wife had taken a van service to her medical appointment. The office had not yet moved and the van dropped the patient’s wife off at the wrong location.  Kristi was able to get a hold of the van service and they went back to pick up the patient’s wife.  Because of Kristi, the patient’s wife was able to make it to the correct location and to her appointment on time.  Kristi shows compassion and caring above and beyond her job description.  Thanks for all you do, Kristi! Selected 6/2014

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